One of the core idea behind Debug Analyzer.NET is to aid in learning Debugging and also about the issues it detects.

Learn mode is a way for the analysis results to provide articles or other resource links which would help in understanding the issue better and also get guidance on how to avoid such issues in future.
Let us see how it looks like in a sample report.

The icon  is a clickable link to resource article related to the issue. In this case it's the result of the following code in the analysis plug

        "You have hit a performance bottle-neck related to Throttling [LM60001] " +
        (capacity == 16 ? " (due to very low default value on .NET 3.0)" : ""),
        "Please change the values of maxConcurrentCalls as per suggestion");


What are the different formats for Learn Mode articles ?

Learn Mode Articles - [LM<learnId>] eg. [LM50000] 
Microsoft KB - [KB<articleId>] eg. [KB123456] 
Microsoft Bulletins - [<bulletinId>] eg. [MS10-049]


How to get the list of Learn Mode Articles?