Often times complex analysis becomes difficult to digest in textual format. That's where power of Visualization shines.
Although the feature is not ready for general use for writing Visualizers, I would like to give you a sneak peek at powerful Visualizer feature part of Debug Analyzer.NET!
(Keep in mind, Visualizer does not always mean graph)

Let us see a screenshot of the Visualizer and then the amount of code required to create this!


Lets see the code required to create the above Visualizer!

// Data Binding code for the Graph - Top 5 items of ClrHeap sorted descending on TotalSize
chartSurface.DataSource = Analyzer.CLR.ClrHeapCollection.OrderByDescending(h => h.TotalSize).Take(5);

// Formatting point labels with friendly values like Bytes/KBytes etc...
foreach (DataPoint p in chartSurface.Series[0].Points)
    p.Label = p.YValues[0].ToByteString();    

I'm excited about the capabilities Visualization can bring about. Hope to finish the implementation of this feature sooooooon!
See what you can achieve with just 2 lines of code!!! Cool